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Building Your Grid

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Now that you’re organized, you can begin adding content to your grid.

Some professionals have found it helpful to start by working with a spreadsheet instead of publishing directly to their PAL website. The spreadsheet can be a useful roadmap or reference. If you’d like, you can download an Excel spreadsheet template, or  click here to make your own copy of our Mapping the Legacy Google Sheets template. This document has multiple pages, each of which uses an alternate organizing scheme to help you document career milestones. Using the spreadsheet may be an easier way for some to get organized prior to, or even in lieu of, creating their own website and publishing a Legacy grid using the entry system. Please note, this step is optional.

Once you have set up your own Performing Arts Legacy website, you can navigate to a page called Add an Entry ([my-site-name]/legacy-add), which is in the main menu beneath “Mapping the Legacy,” or go to the Mapping the Legacy page — where the grid is displayed — and click the small “add an entry” link at the bottom right corner.

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