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“Front End” vs. “Dashboard”

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Contributors have the option to manage their sites entirely “from the front end” – that is, while looking at the site itself in the web browser, navigating from page to page and adding or editing content using a set of tools that appear in a little blue utility bar along the bottom of the screen. Alternately, contributors familiar with the WordPress publishing platform may navigate to the Dashboard or “back end” if they are more comfortable working in that environment.

Detailed guidance on various site functions is broken out in this contributor guide into “Front End” and “Dashboard” approaches. Please consult the instructions appropriate to your preference.

Please note: When you are logged in, you can toggle easily back and forth from the Front End to the Back end (Dashboard) by clicking on the name of your site in the black bar at the top of the screen.

Front End

For a general overview of the Front End editor, check out this video overview on YouTube (ignore the silly music). Here are a few detailed video tutorials with guidance on working with the PAL site using the front end editor:

Back End / Dashboard

For a general introduction to working with the WordPress dashboard, click here.

There are many resources online that make it fun and easy to learn your way around the WordPress dashboard:

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