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Please review our Guide to Clearing Rights, which explains your legal responsibilities as a contributor to the PAL site. 

When you add a grid entry, you will notice there is a field to upload one or more files, a field to enter details about those files (such as credits or titles) which will be published on the site, and a third field entitled “Media Clearing Rights.” This is a tool to keep track of whether you have secured permission to publish the content on your site, and the information you enter here will not be published on your site — it is for internal tracking purposes only.

If you have information about the rights holder and the status of your permission to publish media at the time you create your entry, click “Add File” in the media rights section and you will see a second form appear (a “form within a form”) — complete this form for each file or image you upload, if appropriate. If not, that’s ok!

You can always circle back to the media rights clearing information by clicking the main menu for Mapping the Legacy and selecting the third item in the drop-down menu, Clearing Rights. Here you will see a table of any media rights info you have previously entered — and, like the grid, you may add a new entry anytime, or click an existing entry to view and edit the details. If you scroll down, you will see a form to add new files and details.

Permissions may also need to be obtained for posts/highlights and curated life review videos.

Please note that we will review uploaded materials to ensure proper permissions have been requested and reserve the right to delete unauthorized content.

Here is a 5-minute tutorial video illustrating how to document media clearing rights info for any documents, images or videos you attach to a grid entry.:

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