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Ordering Grid Entries

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For professionals with long or especially prolific careers, or simply many entries for a single year, ordering entries in the grid may be a challenge since ordering “by year” may not capture the specific order (that is, unless entries are added to the system in chronological order to begin with).

To adjust this and to put multiple entries for the same year in the exact order you prefer, add a number after the year, for example:

1984 (1)
1984 (2)
1984 (3)

… Alternately, you can submit a help request and we can add a special feature that gives you more granular control over the order of individual entries by adding an “Order” field to the entry form itself. This way, particularly if you’re not using a year or decade column label, you can achieve any order you’d like with a little bit of extra footwork. Here is a 4-minute tutorial video showing how to work with the “Order” field and inline editing to save time:

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