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Once you have created your video, you should upload it to a video sharing site so that it can be embedded in your PAL site.

YouTube: go to and upload your video file. If you do not want your video to appear publicly online, select “Unlisted” from the privacy options. This will allow your video to be published on the PAL site only, but it will prevent YouTube from displaying your video in search results.

Vimeo: go to and upload your video. Note: without a paid account, you do not have the same privacy options as YouTube.

Embedding Your Video

Once your video is saved on YouTube or Vimeo, it can be embedded in the Curated Life Review page on your website.

Front end:  Click the third icon in the gray toolbar at the bottom of the screen (it looks like a bulleted list) and choose “Pages” to view pages on your site. A blank Curated Life Review page has already been created for your convenience. Click the pen icon to edit it. Place your editing cursor in the page and click the + icon to add a component, then select the video icon:

A form will appear on the right-hand side of the screen, where you can select the options for how to display your video, and enter the Video Source (choose either Vimeo or YouTube) and the Video ID:

Note, the video ID is not the full link to your video. If your video is published at, then sOnqjkJTMaA is your Video ID.

We recommend that you disable the “Autoplay” option.

Once you are done, click Save Settings, then Save your page. 

Back end: From the dashboard, go to Pages > All Pages and click Curated Life Review to edit this page. You can simply paste the full link to your YouTube or Vimeo video and it will be automatically embedded in the page.

Alternately, go to your video on YouTube and click Share > Embed. You can customize the dimensions and attributes of the embedded video player. Then copy the embed code, go back to your Curated Life Review page, toggle to the “Text” tab in the editor (see below), and paste the full embed code. Then Update your page.

If you are using Vimeo, go to your video and click the little sharing icon (it looks like a paper airplane). Customize your embed code to apply your desired formatting and attributes, then follow the instructions above to paste the embed code into your Curated Life Review page.

Now that you have a Curated Life Review video on your site, add the Curated Life Review page to your main menu so visitors can find it! Go to Customize > Menus — click here for instructions on how to edit your site’s menu.

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