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Working with Images & Files

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As you get organized, many of the materials you plan to include in your site will be images — photographs or scans — or files such as PDF documents (press clippings, playbills, letters).

First and foremost, please be sure to back up these files. Save them in multiple places, including your hard drive and/or an external drive (like a usb “thumb” drive) and/or a cloud storage site like DropBox or Google Drive.

The website will allow you to upload images of any size, but you can save space and enhance the speed of your site by resizing images prior to uploading them. Free programs like Preview for Mac allow you to change an image’s size and save as a new file. As a general rule, no image should be more than 2000 pixels in either direction.

If you have images saved as PDF files, you can use Preview or a web-based tool called SmallPDF to convert them to JPG files. This will enable you to attach them to Grid entries or publish them in highlights. If you wish to embed a PDF directly in a highlight, we recommend using the backend editor: click Add Media, upload your file, and provide text in the “title” field that can be clicked to view the pdf.

Editing Images on the Site

Once you upload a photo, click Edit Photo and you can crop, rotate, resize, etc. Here’s a helpful tutorial on YouTube.

Working With Audio and Video

By default, audio and video files cannot be uploaded directly to the grid, because these files are often very large. (Click here for details on working with audio and video in a highlight post or page.) However, you can attach audio or video files to a grid entry using the following techniques:

  1. Upload your media to a 3rd party site like YouTube or Vimeo (video) or Soundcloud (audio) and paste the link into your grid entry, in one of the link fields provided
  2. Upload your media files directly to the Media Library (go to Dashboard > Media) and then copy/paste the link to the media file into your grid entry

Adding PDF Files or Documents to a Highlight or Page

PDF files and Word documents are not handled in the same way as ordinary images. The simplest approach for adding these kinds of documents to your site is to edit from the backend (dashboard), then click “Add Media.” Upload your file(s). In the Title field, enter the text that you’d like to appear hyperlinked to the underlying document. Here’s a quick video tutorial:

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