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Facilitators’ Guide

This guide is for leaders, instructors, assistants, working partners, and Fellows to help groups of Professionals navigate the Performing Arts Legacy website at The Fund.

Please note: Professionals are required to work with someone, whether they be Fellows who you pair with the Professional and/or the Professional provides their own Working Partner or Assistant.

A shorter guide tailored for Professionals can be found in Roadmap for Professionals. A Community Engagement Guide to assist groups and communities can be found on the PAL website as well.


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Class Structure

All classes are online from 2-5p EST unless otherwise noted.

Each week will consist of 3 hours of class (this may be large group, small group, 1-to-1) and up to 2 one-hour consultations for Professionals with their Fellow each week. Depending on the number of overall participants, these sessions can be broken into segments with smaller cohorts.

When there is no class session, Fellow and Professional spend 2.5 hours together that week, at times according to their mutual schedules.


In many cases, equipment you already own—such as computers, smartphones and tablets—can be used for audio and video recording. For computer recording, we recommend a USB microphone, which plugs directly into a computer’s USB port.  For editing, use a low-cost or free recording program like Reaper, Audacity, and Garage Band for Audio and iMovie for video and Zoom.

PAL operates all sessions in a safe space and information, stories, essays, blogs and expressions shared in these sessions are considered private within the context of PAL, until published on the PAL site. 

Multi-Generational Interviews

We recommend matching each Professional with a high school or college student (we call them Legacy Seekers) who will conduct one 1.5 hour interview by phone/Skype/Facetime/Zoom, etc. based on questions the students create with their teacher. This partnership is most efficiently done by creating a relationship with a local school that focuses on the performing arts or that has a club or department focusing on the performing arts. These sessions are not recorded and are confidential. The students and their teacher then select salient moments from the interviews and create a script with their teacher, culminating in a panel with the PAL Professionals and their student Legacy Seekers, either live or remotely, at the end of the term.


Click the headings below for more on the topic. To access resources and more, please click on the red links found within the sections below.

Cohort 7 (2022) Class Dates and Publishing Deadlines
  • 14 Numbered Sessions: September 12 – December 12, 2-5p EST
    • No Class October 10
    • In observance of Rosh Hashanah, we will not have class September 26 but rather on September 28.
    • December 12 will not be 2-5p; it will be 10a-12p (class) and 2-4p (PPAS panel)
  • 4 Additional Classes:
    • Tech Prep Session (Fellows and Professionals): September 7, 2-5p EST
    • Computer Class for Professionals (No Fellows): September 21, 2-3:30p EST
    • Prep Session for Fellows (No Professionals): September 28, 2-3:30p EST
    •  Clearing Rights Review (No Fellows): Late January 2023. Time and date to be announced.
  • Publishing Deadlines: The following are the deadlines we’d like our Professionals to aim to be ready to publish their site. Please note that publishing does not mean you can’t add or edit your site anymore. It means you have enough content on your site to share with the public. We want to share your story!
    • If not needing assistance from Legal Fellows: December 31, 2022
    • If needing assistance from Legal Fellows: April 1, 2023


Click the headings below for more on the topic. To access resources and more, please click on the red links found within the sections below.

Guides for Computer/Tech

**Note: Click on an underlined phrase to connect to more information.

Guide to Using the Contributor Manual

If you need refreshers, written and/or video tutorials, or answers to common questions and troubleshooting, check the Contributor Manual which serves as a companion “How To” resource for you as you take the class and build your site.  For access, go to “Contributor Manual” under the dropdown menu labeled “Resources.

Have a question that isn’t answered? Go to the “Help” tab, in the drop down menu under “Resources.”

Guide to Using the Online Facilitators' Guide

Many sessions have video tutorials and links to other resources listed and linked under “Text and Video Resources.” When you register alone or with a group and go to the Facilitators’ Guide, you will see a class plan by session, suggested homework, and other suggested steps. For additional access to help structure your own sessions, go to the “Help” tab, in the drop down menu under “Resources.” 

Guide to Using the Session Archives

We record our Entertainment Community Fund Cohort class sessions so that Professionals can refer to them after the class. To access, go to Resources -> Reference Materials, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and click on the corresponding cohort.

Session Guide

For instructional materials and resources related to each class session, please click on the corresponding session link (in purple) below. 

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