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How To: Curated Life Review

For some aesthetic, technical, and practical suggestions and resources for conducting a Curated Life Review, please consult these slides and watch the tutorial videos below.

We have also started a collection of short films for inspiration.

The videos below were recorded on an iPhone, while the videos created by some Performing Arts Legacy Project fellows  were recorded on Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7″ tablets.

If you have questions or requests for specific topics to cover, please consult the help section and FAQ.


Working with WeVideo

After reviewing several editing apps for Android tablets, we found WeVideo to provide a happy medium of flexibility and ease of use. The app allows users to stitch together video, audio, and still image content with titles to create a cohesive short film, without requiring advanced technical skills or familiarity with professional video editing software.

If you are familiar with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere or iMovie and prefer to use one of these programs to edit your video, that’s even better! 

Here’s a quick introduction to WeVideo:

As you begin to collect images and video clips, use the native “camera” app on the tablet. WeVideo will be able to access these files later on and import them into a video editing project.

WeVideo has a fantastic “Academy” with short tutorial videos that cover a range of topics. Check out Record Better Video in 3 Easy Steps and Create a Digital Story, among others: