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3. Mapping the Legacy Grid

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MAPPING THE LEGACY is our term for creating a framework to document your career. The Mapping the Legacy Grid is a tool...
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Preparing to Work with the Grid

Before you get started, we recommend exploring examples of professionals’ grids by browsing other PAL sites. You, the performing arts professional, will...
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Building Your Grid

Now that you’re organized, you can begin adding content to your grid. Some professionals have found it helpful to start...
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Editing the Grid Structure

Your submitted entries will automatically appear in a table on the Mapping the Legacy page. Entries are searchable, and the...
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Adding Grid Entries

Each “entry” in the grid is an event or project such as a production, job, or experience. You are required...
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Editing Grid Entries

You can always go back and edit an existing Grid entry, to add more detail or modify content. Click the...
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Highlights / Posts

If the Grid is a roadmap of your career, we envision the Highlights as stops along the way with more...
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Clearing Rights

Please review our Guide to Clearing Rights, which explains your legal responsibilities as a contributor to the PAL site.  When...
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Working with Images & Files

As you get organized, many of the materials you plan to include in your site will be images — photographs...
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Ordering Grid Entries

For professionals with long or especially prolific careers, or simply many entries for a single year, ordering entries in the...
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