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Highlights / Posts

If the Grid is a roadmap of your career, we envision the Highlights as stops along the way with more...
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The “About” Page

A page has already been created for you to add a short introduction, biography, or c.v. By default, it is...
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The “Look/Listen” Page

We envision this page as a place where you can collect and present audio, video, and/or photos in a multimedia...
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Working with Categories

If you would like to publish more posts — that is, to have a blog or journal, or other collection...
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Working with Images & Files

As you get organized, many of the materials you plan to include in your site will be images — photographs...
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Creating an Image Gallery

When editing pages or highlights/posts on your site, you may wish to present multiple images in a gallery. There are...
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Managing Media Files

For your convenience, files in the Media Library can be categorized and sorted by file type or category. Go to...
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