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Performing Arts Legacy Project

An online platform to document and represent the careers of older performing arts professionals

Roadmap for Professionals

The Roadmap for Professionals is for Professionals who are working as individuals or in groups with or without assistance from interns, Fellows, or friends.  Groups might wish to have 14 weekly sessions, but this can be customized to shorter time periods, more or fewer sessions, depending on need. Individuals can work at their own pace. The separate Facilitators’ Guide has more detail for each specific section of the PAL website.


The PERFORMING ARTS LEGACY Project (PAL) at The Actors Fund is an online platform to document and represent professionals’ careers and save our national legacy.

PAL is a website where every contributing Professional gets to create their own child site within it. It includes a career timeline mapping one’s professional history, places for audio and oral histories, video interviews and life review, links to actual performances, journals, blogs and stories.  It is built on a WordPress platform and can be edited and changed with help from a Contributor Manual, video tutorials, a Legal Guide to Clearing Rights as well as through a “Help” email, and includes letters and forms to guide professionals in requesting permission to publish uploaded works. PAL is multi-generational and interactive. It:

  • Captures memory
  • Shares collective histories
  • Uses Multimedia
  • Explores Life Review
  • Exemplifies Positive Aging
  • Enhances the quality of people, their communities and society

For groups: PAL operates in a safe space. Information, stories, essays, blogs and expressions shared in these sessions are considered private within the context of PAL, until published on the PAL site. An important part of PAL is sharing as we create. Reading blogs, showing highlights, sharing challenges and triumphs give us a collegial community.


Welcome to the PERFORMING ARTS LEGACY website!

It is important at the beginning of your work to spend time thinking about how each professional wishes to represent his/her legacy within their control. This may take several sessions, but is time well spent, as the technical requirements will then make more sense.

Click the headings below for more on the topic.

Organizational Basics

Click here for Getting Organized – conceptualizing and organizing materials, what makes your project unique, conceptualizing your site.


Professionals are responsible for organizing memorabilia, typing grid entries, providing rights clearance information, obtaining permissions for materials they upload to their sites. Sites will be checked for copyright, privacy and defamation before they are finalized. This is to ensure that artists respect other artists.

Contributor Manual

Click here for text and video tutorials on each part of the PAL site, including device-specific questions and troubleshooting sections.

Technical Suggestions and Skills

We recommend each professional have a gmail account, a Google Drive, and use Chrome (instead of Safari, Firefox, etc), and knowledge of Zoom meetings.

Equipment: In many cases, equipment you already own—such as computers, smartphones and tablets—can be used for audio and video recording. For computer recording, we recommend a USB microphone, which plugs directly into a computer’s USB port.  For editing, use a low-cost or free recording program like Reaper, Audacity, or Garage Band for Audio, iMovie for video editing, and Zoom for video conferencing. 

Quick References

**Note: Click on an underlined phrase to connect to more information.

Session Guide

For instructional materials and resources related to each class session, please click on the corresponding session link (in red) below. You can also download a PDF of the Roadmap, but be advised that the links below may be frequently updated.

  • Session 1 – Introduction
  • Session 2 – Intro to Audio and Video and basic tech skills: YOUR STORY
  • Session 3 – Mapping the Legacy: YOUR CAREER GRID
  • Session 4 – Mapping the Legacy: More About the Grid
  • Session 5 –  Clearing Rights
  • Session 6 – Enhancing your Grid: Highlights and Blogs
  • Session 7 – Enhancing Your Grid: Images and Highlight
  • Session 8 – Customizing Your Site
  • Session 9 – Reviewing Your Site for Publication in the Legacy Artists Directory
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