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Roadmap – Unit 2

Unit 2: Intro to Audio and Video, The About Page, & Basic Tech Skills: Your Story

By creating audio recordings and videos for each Professional’s PAL site, we explore a more personal side of each professional, and add depth to the memorabilia with stories. Audio is traditionally what we call Oral History (although there can be other audio throughout the site) and for video we have a Curated Life Review (Snapshot, Portrait) which often entails a professional going through some of their memorabilia and talking about their life and career.

The About Page is a way to invite your audience to your site and give a quick snapshot of who you are. Start with a bio and photo and as you become more familiar with your site and how you’d like to conceptualize your site, you can add and edit your About Page to further reflect the intro to you!

 Multi-Generational Interviews: 

The project has benefitted from an Intergenerational Component that matches a high school student with a professional to conduct a 1-hour interview by phone/Skype/Facetime, etc based on questions the student creates. These sessions are not recorded and are confidential. We recommend reaching out to local high schools and forming a relationship with a specific teacher. For groups, the students and their teacher can then select salient moments from the interviews and create a script, culminating in a panel with the PAL professionals and their student “Legacy Seekers,” either live or remotely, at the end of the term.

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Unit 2 Text and Video Resources

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