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Roadmap – Unit 7

Unit 7: Enhancing Your Grid: Images and Highlights

Highlights can include galleries, blogs, essays, featured images and more. They entice the viewer by providing depth and variety.

Click the headings below for more on the topic. To access videos, Contributor Manual sections, and more, please click on the red links found within the sections below.

Unit 7 Text and Video Resources

Below you will find ALL key resources associated with creating Highlights and working with the Media Library

  • The “Highlights” Section of the Contributor Manual which features articles such as:
    • Introduction to Highlights
    • Creating and Editing a Highlight
    • Linking
    • Adding a Document
    • Connecting to Your Mapping Grid
    • FAQ: Can’t find your Highlight?
  • The “The Media Library and Photos” Section of the Contributor Manual which features articles such as:
    • Scanning Images and Documents
    • Using Google Drive
    • The Media Library
    • Captions and Credits
    • Clearing Rights
    • Adding Individual Photos
    • Galleries
    • Editing, Resizing, & Wrapping Photos
    • FAQ: I can’t find the edit button for my media.
    • FAQ: My gallery photos are not a consistent size.
    • FAQ: My gallery is cropping my photos.

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