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Roadmap – Unit 8

Unit 8: Customizing Your Site

Looking at other Professionals’ sites in the Legacy Directory will suggest ways some people have made their sites unique. These include banners, chapters, key words, and timelines.

Click the headings below for more on the topic. To access videos, Contributor Manual sections, and more, please click on the red links found within the sections below.

  • Look through other Professionals’ sites. Notice things some customizing elements like the About Page (Ron Nakahara), banner (André De Shields), keywords (Casey Childs), Mapping the Legacy chapters (Maxine Glorsky), Highlights categories (Beverly Emmons), Highlights timelines (Gilda Mirós), and Highlights featured images (Casey Childs).
    • Tutorials on using any of the above, and more, elements, please see “Unit 8 Text and Video” below.
Unit 8 Text and Video Resources
  • The “Customizing Your Site” Section of the Contributor Manual which features articles such as:
    • Introduction to Customizing Your Site
    • Adding a Banner
    • Creating and Adding a Page to the Menu Bar
    • Sitewide: Keywords
    • About Page: Add an “Alert” or Notice
    • Mapping the Legacy: Chapters
    • Mapping the Legacy: Ordering Grid Entries
    • Highlights: Organizing with Categories
    • Highlights: Timeline
    • Highlights: Featured Image

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