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Roadmap – Unit 9

Unit 9: Reviewing Your Site for Publication in the Legacy Artists Directory

We hope that by now Professionals have created most of their sites and can spend time tweaking, proofreading, finalizing permissions, uploading additional materials, and readying for publication, when their site will be added to the Legacy Artists Directory on the site’s home page, to share with the world.

Click the headings below for more on the topic. To access videos, Contributor Manual sections, and more, please click on the red links found within the sections below.


Our final unit is one of sharing, enjoying the substantial accomplishments in making a PAL site, completing our own life review, and helping to create a community of legacy Professionals in entertainment and the performing arts for both the present and the future.

When you’re at a place to publish, submit your site for review here! But don’t forget, you can continue to work on your site after you publish.

Have any questions or concerns about this week’s session or material? Please share your thoughts using the form below.

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