ELISA DE LA ROCHE is an actress and writer who enjoys the creative process. She has a career of theatre, television, film, and education which spans over fifty years, playing diverse roles in a myriad of venues. Born in New York City, Elisa travelled throughout Europe, Asia and South America, picking up music, dance styles, languages and accents along the way. Intending to be a surgeon, she was a pre-med student at the University of Wisconsin, and graduated with a B.A. in Theater. Returning to NYC, she continued to study theatre and dance at Columbia University (M.A.) and earned a Ph.D. in Educational Theatre from NYU. She is grateful for all her wonderful teachers, especially A.C. Scott, Steve Sweetland, Patsy Rodenburg, Aaron Frankel, Charles Moore, Klara Koenig, Nilimma Devi, and Manolo Vargas. Creating a character is her passion: writing and performing original projects (she has written and performed three one-woman shows so far) and developing characters in film and television (ie. several times on Law and Order). Elisa has taught at many schools and universities, as well as artist-in-residency programs. She reads to public school children, formerly with the SAG Foundation Book Pals program, and has published a book on theatre and several journal articles. She sings in a choir. Lately she spends several hours a day creating with sculpture and ceramics. Elisa has children, and grand children, and several ex-husbands.

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