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Session 7

Session 7: Working Session 


Organizing materials and memorabilia, and conceptualizing how to represent their careers are the most important decisions professionals can make. It is important to spend time looking at other Professionalssites and deciding the structure that best represents each professionals career. Then, get started on adding to the Mapping the Grid and Highlights.

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Session Breakdown

No formal session structure.

Professionals work on the Grid, more blogs, Highlights, and The About Page.

If working with an intern/assistant/working partner, they can and should help with any questions and delegation of tasks that is appropriate to the previously discussed work and compensation agreement between Professional and them.

Prep Work
  • Bring in your Headshot for your About Page. If it needs to be scanned, do so and save it to your Google Drive, computer, or flash drive.
  • Continue working on your Grid (goal to have entered 50-75 entries)
  • In a Word, Pages, or Google Doc document, write a blog about a seminal experience in your career, which you will read to the group. There is no minimum or maximum length.
    • You may want to write this by hand first. If you do, please take the time to type it into a Word, Pages, Google Doc document afterwards and save it so we can easily use it in the next session.

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