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Contributor Manual: Table of Contents

Welcome to the Performing Arts Legacy Project! We’re excited to help you on your journey to documenting your legacy. Below is a Table of Contents for the Contributor Manual, a guide that offers tutorials on how to conceptually and technically build your site.

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How to Use the Contributor Manual and Table of Contents

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1. Getting Started

  • Before Building Your Site: orienting yourself to the site and establishing common resources and vocabulary.
  • The About Page: building your About Page, the page that welcomes your audience to your site.

2. Your Career Grid

3. Enhancing Your Career Grid 

  • Highlights: selecting seminal moments, experiences, and/or advice that supplement and stem from your Career Grid.
  • The Media Library and Photos: digitizing and uploading your photos to your site to visually represent and supplement your Highlights and Career Grid.

4. Audio and Video

5. Special Effects

6. Final Details

Help Desk

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