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The Media Library and Photos

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Scanning Images and Documents

When you’re looking to enhance or expand your About Page, Mapping the Legacy entries, Highlights, and Look/Listen, you might have...
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Using Google Drive

We will be using  Google Drive,  a free workspace service with your Gmail account. Your Google Drive can hold photos/documents...
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The Media Library

The Media Library is where your digital memorabilia will live for your About Page, Mapping the Legacy, Highlights, Oral Histories,...
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Captions and Credits

Please take care to credit the source of any quotes or media published on your site, including authors, photographers, and...
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Clearing Rights

Please review our PowerPoint to introduce you to Legal Rights and then check out our Guide to Clearing Rights, which...
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Adding Individual Photos

One way to enhance your site is to add photos to your Highlights. Please Note: You can create a gallery...
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When editing pages or Highlights on your site, you may wish to present multiple images in a gallery. First, make...
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