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FAQ: My gallery is cropping my photos.

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When you put in a gallery, are some or all of your photos being cropped so you can’t see the full image(s)?

Solution 1: Did you crop your photos before you put them into the Media Library/Gallery? If not, they might be too big.

Solution 2: When you are editing the gallery settings, you may see Main Gallery Height and/or Main Gallery Width. Scale down by putting a percentage less than 100% in Main Gallery Height and then click Save Settings. If that doesn’t help, go back, delete the percentage and try the a percentage less than 100% in Main Gallery Width and then click Save Settings.

Solution 3: If neither of these work, try a different Gallery Type.

For more on Gallery Types, please visit the Gallery Type section of the Galleries article.

Need Additional Help?

If you encounter a technical issue on the PAL site that you’re unable to resolve on your own, please send us a help request that includes the following:

  1.  The page where you encountered the issue (URL/web address)
  2.  One or more screenshots (here’s how to take a screenshot)
  3.  A brief description of what you were trying to do when the error occurred

«FAQ: My gallery photos are not a consistent size.

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