Performing Arts Legacy Project

An online platform to document and represent the careers of older performing arts professionals


The PERFORMING ARTS LEGACY Project (PAL) at The Entertainment Community Fund is an online platform to document and represent the careers of all kinds of Professionals in the performing arts and entertainment and save our national legacy.

PAL is a website where every contributing Professional gets to create their own child site within it. It includes a career timeline mapping one’s Professional history, places for audio and oral histories, video interviews and life review, links to actual performances, journals, blogs and stories.  It is built on a WordPress platform and can be edited and changed with help from a Contributor Manual, video tutorials, a Legal Guide to Clearing Rights as well as through a “Help” email, and includes letters and forms to guide Professionals in requesting permission to publish uploaded works. PAL is multi-generational and interactive. It:

  • Captures memory
  • Shares collective histories
  • Uses Multimedia
  • Explores Life Review
  • Exemplifies Positive Aging
  • Enhances the quality of people, their communities and society

Learn More About Building a Site with PAL:
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