Performing Arts Legacy Project

An online platform to document and represent the careers of older performing arts professionals


This site is a network of websites, designed to allow any performing arts professional to create their own website to publish a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Recollections and memorabilia to document a career in the arts
  • Audio and video documentation (you’ll find guides to creating these in Oral Histories and Curated Life Review, respectively)
  • Reflections, anecdotes, advice or observations on the life of a professional — as a resource for young artists and as a process that can bring focus and fulfillment to the author

If You Have Not Registered,

you will need to create a user account.

Once you have registered, you have your own website! It will be accessible at[your-site] — where [your-site] is your last name followed by your first name.

You will receive a confirmation email at the address you provide, with a link to your site and instructions to log in. Please bookmark your site and save your login and password information in a safe place!

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