Performing Arts Legacy Project

An online platform to document and represent the careers of older performing arts professionals


With PAL, we use some specific vocabulary. To orient yourself, we’ve created the below brief glossary of key terms.

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Personnel Terminology

Entertainment Community Fund

The Entertainment Community Fund, formerly The Actors Fund, provides human services nationally for people who work in film, theater, television, music, opera, radio and dance. As reflected in our new name, the Fund is here for everyone on stage, camera and behind the scenes to support a life in the arts.

Since it’s founding in 1882, the Fund has helped address the specific needs of entertainment professionals—with a unique understanding of the challenges involved with a life in the arts, and with the knowledge of what it takes to thrive in an often unpredictable industry.

Waldman Living Room

A division of the Entertainment Community Fund that serves entertainment professionals 65+ through artistic, social, and wellness programming.  PAL is one of the programs that the Waldman administers.

Waldman Activities Coordinator

The person who facilitates and administers the Waldman’s programs.

If you’re a Professional, you’ll get emails such as newsletters from the Activities Coordinator with information on programming at the Waldman.


An all encompassing term that includes anyone who makes a PAL Cohort run, including Administrators, Staff, and Instructors.

PAL Administrators

PAL Administrators oversee their organization’s PAL Cohorts.  They will interview and create the cohorts as well as supervise the Instructors.

PAL Administrators of the Fund Cohorts include the Activities Coordinator, Technical Director, and Director of Housing and Activities.

PAL Administrators of Outreach Organizations will include a different, but similar, makeup. Check with your organization to learn who is part of your PAL Administration.

Cohort Terminology


A group of Professionals, Fellows, Instructor(s), and Administration (Teacher, Technical Director, and Organization Personnel) who work with an organization over the course of 10-15 consecutive weeks to learn and create PAL sites.


The person who is leading and teaching your PAL Cohort.

This person might also serve as a PAL Administrator.


An entertainment professional 65+ who is documenting their legacy on the PAL site.


A paid working professional or student, often themselves in the entertainment industry, who work with the Professional 1-on-1 to create their site. They are vetted by the PAL Administrator(s) and subsequently matched with Professionals.

Fellows are available during Cohorts only.

Working Partner

A Working Partners is a volunteer, or group of volunteers, from your community you identify to help you with your site, and might be a spouse or partner, family member, colleague, or friend.

They might help you with one or more of the following:

  • Technical components of your site such as scanning your memorabilia, adding to your site, customizing your site, doing data entry for your site, etc.
  • Organizing your memorabilia
  • Listening and documenting your stories via recording or dictation

Their time commitment will vary based on your agreement with them. They are more than welcome to join our classes and/or view our class recordings.

Working Partners work with the rest of the Professional’s Team (i.e. Fellows and/or Assistants) and are mandatory when working in a Cohort or in PAL Independent. They are highly recommended when working Solo.

If you’re having trouble identifying someone who might be a good Working Partner, ask yourself, “If I had two tickets to Hamilton, who would I bring?” The person you identify is a great place to start!


A paid working professional or student, often themselves in the entertainment industry, who work with the Professional 1-on-1 to create their site. They are hired and managed directly by the Professional.

Assistants are optional and Professionals can hire them for a Cohort, PAL Independent, and/or Solo.

Site Terminology

About Page

The introduction and/or welcome page for the Professional.

Mapping the Legacy

The career timeline of the Professional.


A reflection, often written and including media such as pictures or video, that is published on your PAL site as a Highlight.  These reflections are often about, but are not limited to, events, people, experiences, productions/projects, inspirations, and teachings.

As a rule of thumb, a blog = Highlight = Post. These three words are interchangeable for our PAL purposes.

Oral History

Audio or Video interviews with the Professional that give background and insight on the Professional, from the Professional.

Curated Life Review

A video reflection of the Professional in which they holistically look at their career, weave the thread between how their career shaped over time, and give meaning to what they’ve done and still plan on doing.

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