Performing Arts Legacy Project

An online platform to document and represent the careers of older performing arts professionals


With PAL, we use some specific vocabulary. To orient yourself, we’ve created the below brief glossary of key terms.

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A group of Professionals, Fellows, and Administration (Teacher, Technical Director, and Organization Personnel) who work with an organization over the course of 10-14 consecutive weeks to learn and create PAL sites.


An entertainment professional 65+ who is documenting their legacy on the PAL site.


A paid working professional or student, often themselves in the entertainment industry, who work with the Professional 1-on-1 to create their site.

Working Partner

Member(s) of the Professionals team such as a spouse or partner, family member, colleague, or friend who is helping the Professional create their site outside of a cohort, if the Professional is in a cohort. They are oftentimes unpaid, but this might vary based on the relationship and agreement between the Professional and Working Partner.

About Page

The introduction and/or welcome page for the Professional.

Mapping the Legacy

The career timeline of the Professional.


A reflection, often written and including media such as pictures or video, that is published on your PAL site as a Highlight.  These reflections are often about, but are not limited to, events, people, experiences, productions/projects, inspirations, and teachings.

As a rule of thumb, a blog = Highlight = Post. These three words are interchangeable for our PAL purposes.

Oral History

Audio or Video interviews with the Professional that give background and insight on the Professional, from the Professional.

Curated Life Review

A video reflection of the Professional in which they holistically look at their career, weave the thread between how their career shaped over time, and give meaning to what they’ve done and still plan on doing.

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