Performing Arts Legacy Project

An online platform to document and represent the careers of older performing arts professionals


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Is it possible to create postmortem legacies?
We have been approached and thought before about documenting the legacies of those who have passed. One large purpose of the project is the intergenerational teamwork and the PROCESS which we feel would be very different without the primary source to inform and guide us. Also, the many legal and estate issues would likely bog us down beyond our capacity.
We might revisit this in the future but this is a lot more than just a documentation process which is why we all feel fulfilled in many different ways.
Do professionals have to do the work on their sites themselves? Or can they hire someone to do it for them?
Professionals can certainly have help (in fact, for those wanting to do a PAL site on their own, there is a way to request a PAL Master Fellow to help them. Professionals can also get assistance from a paid assistant, a friend or partner, intern/apprentice, or archivist.

Compensation and time commitment should be mutually agreed upon between the professional and the person assisting and is not negotiated or overseen by the Entertainment Community Fund. Anyone assisting the professional should review the Contributor Manual, especially archivists who generally have a very different idea of how to document, label, etc. Professionals should contact us to let us know their plan if hiring someone to assist them as well as the assistant’s contact information, so that we recognize them when they reach out for help. That said, while assistants or paid helpers can do the mechanics, the PAL professional has to provide the input, reflection and memorabilia.

Is there a way for those who visit the site to ask the Professionals questions and have them respond?
There are too many legal and monitoring concerns for this interactivity. If you have a question, you can submit it through our help request form and we will forward it to the professional.
Who visits the site?
The PAL site is primarily viewed by professionals, students and researchers in the performing arts community. Our analytics allow us to see parts of the country where users come from, ways they accessed the site (directly, via Facebook, etc), number of pages visited and sites used by both visitors and site users. Questions about this can be submitted through our help request form.
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