Performing Arts Legacy Project

An online platform to document and represent the careers of older performing arts professionals


For those with interest in creating a site, but aren’t working with an organization, this portal is the right place for you.


Professionals working independently can hire an intern/assistant or have a working partner, such as a spouse, family member, or colleague, work with them to create and publish their site. Professionals are responsible for negotiating and coordinating their assistance.

PAL has a list of Master Fellows who are highly experienced with the site and with assisting Professionals. For more information on hiring a Master Fellow, please click here.


Below is a template for building your site. By providing session breakdowns, assignments, and resources we hope to provide guidance to keep you on track when working independently. We recommend one session a week.

Click on the corresponding session link (in purple) below to access session breakdowns, prep work, and resources. 

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