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Session 2

Session 2: Tech Skills, The About Page, Intro to Audio and Video 

Before Coming to Session 2:

  • In a Word, Pages, or Google Doc document, write a bio or intro to put on your About Page.


By creating audios and videos for each Professional’s PAL site, we explore a more personal side of each Professional, and add depth to the memorabilia and stories. Audio is traditionally what we call Oral History (although there can be other audio throughout the site) and for video we have a Curated Life Review (Snapshot, Portrait) which often entails a Professional going through some of their memorabilia and talking about their life and career.

The About Page is a way to invite your audience to your site and give a quick snapshot of who you are. Start with a bio and photo and as you become more familiar with your site and how you’d like to conceptualize your site, you can add and edit your About Page to further reflect the intro to you!

Click the headings below for more on the topic. To access videos, Contributor Manual sections, and more, please click on the purple links found within the sections below.

Session Breakdown

Estimated Session Time: 3 hours

Part 1:Tech Skills

Part 2:   The About Page

Part 3: Audio and Video

  • Oral Histories are audio and video that act like an interview, gathering background about the Professional.  Curated Life Review is a video (7-30 min long, typically) that takes a holistic view of the Professionals career through the span of time. They are posted under the Look/Listen page. Other titles for Curated Life Review can be: Snapshot, Portrait, Memories, Souvenirs, etc
  • Recording:
    • Best done with someone else interviewing you, even if you opt not to have an intern/assistant/working partner.
    • Oral History: Plan 2-3 different sittings of 30-60 minutes each (1-3 hours total raw footage) with an intern/assistant/working partner.
    • Curated Life Review: Plan up to 3 different sittings of 30 mn each (1.5 hrs total raw) with an intern/assistant/working partner.
    • Oral History and Curated Life Review can be filmed at the same time and split the footage between the two products.
    • By session 4, decide whether audio or video or both. Set up a schedule with your team to record audio and/or video.
    • By session 9, have all raw footage filmed so intern/assistant/working partner (or Professional if not working with another person) can edit final versions.
  • Professionals must see OH questions on the PAL site and provide a list of the main points to hit a week before their recording session(s).
  • Explore the site directory to look at examples of Oral Histories and Curated Life Reviews.
Prep Work
  • Watch Intro to Mapping the Legacy (Video)
  • Start collecting your productions/projects/activities into one central location. This can be a stack of papers/resumes or typing it all out on a spreadsheet, for example.

Have any questions or concerns about this week’s session or material? Please share your thoughts using the form below.

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