Performing Arts Legacy Project

An online platform to document and represent the careers of older performing arts professionals

Session 1

Session 1: Introductions and Learning Styles

Before Coming to Session 1:

(Interns/Assistants/Working Partners assist if needed)


Review The Entertainment Community Fund, Life Review, personal stories, background to the site, and creativity and aging.

Click the headings below for more on the topic. To access videos, Contributor Manual sections, and more, please click on the purple links found within the sections below.

Session Breakdown

Estimated Session Time: 3 hours

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2 : 16 Personalities Activity 

  • With your Intern/Assistant/Working Partner, if applicable:
    • What surprised you? What intrigued you? What did you learn about yourself? Reflect with each other how this influences your working style.
    • Share with each other how you learn and work best: Visually (i.e. reading and images/watching), orally (i.e. speaking and listening), kinesthetically (i.e. doing)?

Part 3: Brainstorming

  • Conceptualizing the site
    • Start looking at other sites via the site directory. What have other people done that you like? Dislike? Inspired by?
Prep Work
  • Intern/Assistant/Working Partner review logging in with their professionals.
  • In a Word, Pages, or Google Doc document, write a bio or intro to put on your About Page.

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