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Before Building Your Site

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Site Overview

Welcome! We’re excited for you to get started on your journey to document and share your legacy! The Performing Arts...
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Meeting Virtually

Whether you are part of a virtual cohort or are meeting up with your Fellow between work sessions, meeting virtually...
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Register Your Site

This site is a network of websites, designed to allow any performing arts professional to create his or her own website to...
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Getting Organized

Before we get started in conceptualizing and creating your site, ask yourself, “What have I got? What do I need...
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Public vs. Private PAL Sites

Please note: Your registration will be reviewed by PAL staff, and sites that do not comply with our Terms of...
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Logging In

Helpful Tip: Once you have registered and created your own site, be sure to bookmark your site and/or the Performing Arts...
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Bookmark Your Site

Click Ctrl+D or follow the instructions here to bookmark (save) your site for quick reference. «Logging In »Gmail, Google Drive,...
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Gmail, Google Drive, & Chrome

Gmail Before we get started, please make a Gmail account at, if you don’t already have a Gmail account....
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Community Assistance & Fellows

Many Professionals find it useful to enlist the help of someone to assist with this project: a friend, colleague, student,...
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Because the Performing Arts Legacy Project is intended to serve primarily older professionals, we recognize that the accessibility of this...
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