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Getting Organized

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Before we get started in conceptualizing and creating your site, ask yourself, “What have I got? What do I need to find?”

Start looking and collecting memorabilia and sorting it. See our Guide to Getting Organized to help you get started.

Getting organized now will help enormously so that by the time we start working with them in the context of your site, you’re all ready to go! Plus, many times seeing what you have in terms of memorabilia can help shape the stories you want to tell or enlighten to projects that really influenced your journey.

If you do not have much or any memorabilia, do not fret. In our digital age, there are resources that we can use to help find memorabilia to supplement your story should you want memorabilia at all (also an option). Ask yourself:  Are there links or resources to library collections? Interviews (audio or video)? Photos? Articles?

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