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Welcome! We’re excited for you to get started on your journey to document and share your legacy!

The Performing Arts Legacy Project allows people from various disciplines and roles within the performing arts to tell their stories. We acknowledge that people in every role and discipline create in a unique way.  The first few Professionals were actors so they have specific memorabilia and resources available that makes sharing “easier,” such as videos and photos. However, some disciplines and roles might not have that available. And it is your story that gives special insights and knowledge, however it is told. As you get started, we recommend looking at what memorabilia you have, and thinking about the arc of your story, and how you might best share career moments that are more than a resumé. From there we can help you find ways to bring that alive on the PAL site.

Take a brief tour below of the Performing Arts Legacy website with our live cohort, led by Technical Director Justin Goldberg.

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