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Editing, Resizing, & Wrapping Photos

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First and foremost, please be sure to back up your media. Save them in multiple places, including your hard drive and/or an external drive (like a usb “thumb” drive) and/or a cloud storage site like DropBox or Google Drive.

Helpful Note: You can scale down an image, but you cannot scale up. By making a smaller image bigger, the clarity of the photo will go down.

Click the headings below for more on the topic.

Editing Images Outside of PAL Site

The PAL website will allow you to upload images of any size, but you can save space, have more editing options available to you, and enhance the speed of your site by resizing images before uploading them.

We recommend free programs like Preview for Mac or Microsoft Paint for PC, which allow you to change an image’s size, rotate, or crop and then save it as a new file. As a general rule, no image should be more than 2000 pixels in either direction.

Editing Images on the Site

Once you upload a photo, go to the photo in your Media Library. From there, find “Edit Image” on the right hand side. It’ll be in blue text. Here you can crop, rotate, resize, etc. Here’s a helpful tutorial on YouTube.

Front End: Resizing

When you add a photo via the Front End, you will see an option called “Image Width.” You can change this by percentage or pixel to easily make the image larger or smaller. This is especially helpful if you would like to make a size the full width of the Highlight. To do so, you’d set the Image Width to 100%.

Dashboard: Resizing

When you add a photo in the Dashboard:

  1. Click on the image you’d like to resize
  2. You’ll see a bar with a pencil icon. Click on that.

  1. Under “Display Settings” you’ll see “Size.” Click the dropdown menu and try a new size.
  2. Click Update.

Alternatively, when you click on the image you’d like to resize, you’ll see white boxes on the corners of the photo. Click and drag a corner to resize.

Wrapping Text

To have your photo be alongside the text, first go to the Dashboard.

  1. Click on the image you’d like to put next to the text, or wrap the text.
  2. On the bar that comes up, you click on the first three (to the left) icons, which will move the photo around the text.

  1. The third from the right is “no alignment” should you want to go back to how the photo was before.

Please Note: It might be easier put your curser in front of the text before you add the photo and align it.

»FAQ: I can’t find the edit button for my media.

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