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Using Google Drive

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To transfer from your phone or tablet, we’ll be using Google Drive. Google Drive is available on both android and Apple products and is a free storage software that comes with your Gmail account. The best part of Google Drive? You can download directly from Google Drive to your Media Library!

Before we get started, first make sure you have downloaded Google Drive on your phone or tablet. To learn how to download apps to your device, please see links below:

  1. How to download an app on an Android device
  2. How to download an app on an Apple device

Once it is downloaded, sign into the app with your gmail account. Then sign into your gmail account on your computer. From there, the order of operations from scanning to uploading on your PAL site is:

  1. Scan image or document.
  2. Upload to Google Drive on your phone or tablet.
  3. Edit or rename scanned image or document on your phone, tablet, or device.
  4. Upload to the PAL Site.

Click the headings below for more on the topic.

Getting Familiar with Google Drive: Phone or Tablet

Once we’ve scanned our images/documents via the scanning app of our choice, we want to add them to our Google Drive.

Check out this tutorial that introduces you to how to get from your gmail to Google Drive, create folders and files, sharing with collaborators, and more.

Important Time Stamps In the Tutorial:

  • 15:0015:27 Creating a New Folder
  • 14:1015:00 Renaming/Moving/Copying/Deleting a File/Folder/View File Details/Printing
  • 15:5817:04 Uploading a File from Camera Roll or Files App/Take a Photo
  • 17:0417:37 Creating a new Docs/Sheets/Slides Document 
    • This feature is great if you’re using Google Docs to write your blogs/Highlights
  • 17:3718:24 Uploading to Google Drive from Outside the App (Share Sheet)
    • This is the step you want if you’re scanning on your device with a scanning app. Follow these steps but with the scanning app of your choice.

Please Note: This tutorial is focused using Google Drive on an iPad. However, the instructions will be the same regardless if it’s an iPhone or iPad, Apple or Android product.

Getting Familiar with Google Drive: Computer

Once we scan on our chosen scanning app and upload to Google Drive on our device, we can then view and edit what we’ve uploaded on our computer. Check out this tutorial that introduces you to how to get from your gmail to Google Drive, create folders and files, sharing with collaborators, and more.

Sharing Google Drive With Fellows
  1. If you are working with a Fellow, share your Google Folder with your Fellow so they can help you out.
    1. Tap on your PAL Google Folder, the one you just created.
    2. On the top right corner, tap “…”
    3. Tap “Share.”
    4. Enter the email address of your Fellow. It will come up underneath where you just typed. Tap on that.
    5. Tap the blue triangle pointing to the right in the bottom right corner.

For a brief tutorial on sharing your file or folder, click here.

Adding to the PAL Site

To add media to The About Page, Highlights, and Look/Listen, you can directly upload your scanned items to your Media Library using Google Drive.  When you’re in your Media Library, you will see the option to drop files, select files, or import from Google Drive.  For more on using Google Drive in the Media Library, click here.

Important Note: If you’re uploading an image to Mapping the Legacy, you cannot directly import from your Google Drive. If your image is in your Google Drive, first download the image. It will download to your computer’s “Downloads” file. You can move the file or keep it there as long as you know where it is.

Below are a few helpful tutorials if uploading to Mapping the Legacy:

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