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Session 10

Session 10: Progress Reporting 

Before Coming to Session 10:

  • Complete 1 Highlight
  • Entered 75 Mapping the Legacy Entries


An important part of PAL is sharing as we create. Reading blogs, showing highlights, sharing challenges and triumphs give us a collegial community.

Click the headings below for more on the topic. To access videos, Contributor Manual sections, and more, please click on the purple links found within the sections below.

Session Breakdown

Session Time: 3 hours

Part 1: Checking In

  • Evaluate how you’re doing. Do you need to submit a help ticket for any technical difficulties? Need to review the Contributor Manual or the Troubleshooting or Device-Specific Sections of the Manual? Need to review previous sessions?
  • If working with an intern/assistant/working partner, check in with each other. Any difficulties either of you are encountering? Are you on track? Anything coming up for you emotionally as you’re going through this process that you would like to share? Any surprising or exciting memories about your career come back to you?
  • Problem Solving: If you aren’t where you’d like to be on your site, create a game plan to getting back on track. Make a list of what you are still working on and what needs to happen so those items are completed. If you need further assistance, make a plan to seek the help you need.

Part 2: Work Session

If working with an intern/assistant/working partner, they can and should help with any questions and delegation of tasks that is appropriate to the previously discussed work and compensation agreement between Professional and them.

Prep Work
  • Continue working on your site

Have any questions or concerns about this week’s session or material? Please share your thoughts using the form below.

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