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Session 4

Session 4: Mapping the Legacy: The Grid

Before Coming to Session 4

  • Professionals create schedule and game plan for Oral Histories and Curated Life Reviews.
  • Read and Explore: Preparing to Work with The Grid and Getting Organized
  • Write a blog about a seminal experience from your legacy/career. This should be in a Word or Pages, or Google Doc document.


Organizing materials and memorabilia, and conceptualizing how to represent their careers are the most important decisions Professionals can make. It is important to spend time looking at other Professionals’ sites and deciding the structure that best represents each Professional’s career.

This session examines in detail how to create and structure the Mapping Grid, how to populate it with information, images, audio, video and links to make it appealing to a viewer.

Click the headings below for more on the topic. To access videos, Contributor Manual sections, and more, please click on the purple links found within the sections below.

Session Breakdown

Estimated Session Time: 2 hours

Part 1: Using Google Drive refresher

Part 2: Work on creating your grid with your intern/assistant/working partner (if applicable) and begin entering information. *In preparation, Professionals will: 

  • Decide how to set up the Grid for their Mapping Grid. Note: How you set it up now will likely change. Therefore, don’t spend too much time on this now.
  • Learn how to make and edit an entry
  • Look at the Clearing Rights feature under the Mapping the Legacy tab OR download the template for documenting clearing rights under the Resources -> Reference Materials tab.

*If working with an intern/assistant/working partner, they should lead and help teach this prep.

Prep Work

Have any questions or concerns about this week’s session or material? Please share your thoughts using the form below.

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