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3. Mapping the Legacy

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Preparing to Work with the Grid

Helpful Tip: Before you get started, we recommend exploring examples of professionals’ grids by browsing other PAL sites. This will...
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Adding and Editing Grid Entries

Before we get started, let’s go over some important terms. What is the “Grid?” The condensed table of entries you...
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Ordering Grid Entries

If you have many projects per year, you may to put them in the sequential order in which they happened...
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When creating your site, you may want to add keywords or “tags” to your post. This addition will allow researchers...
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Scanning Images and Documents

When you’re looking to enhance or expand your About Page, Mapping the Legacy entries, Highlights, and Look/Listen, you might have...
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Clearing Rights

Please review our Guide to Clearing Rights, which explains your legal responsibilities as a contributor to the PAL site.  “Clearing...
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