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Using * to Indicate Media on the Grid

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You may want to add media to your Mapping the Legacy Entries without expanding it into a Highlight. But how do you ensure that your audience knows that some Entries have media when others don’t? You can indicate you have media by adding an asterisk next to the Production/Project/Activity title. It would look like:

As you can see, “Romeo/Juliet” is highlighted with a Highlight link, which indicates the audience can click on it to see an enhanced Highlight. “Ragtime*” has an asterisk next to the name which tells the audience there is media in there. In this case, there is a photo in the entry. Finally, “The Jersey Devil Doesn’t Exit” is neither highlighted nor has an asterisk. Therefore, it has information about the project, but no media.

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Adding an Asterisk
  1. Please consult Adding and Editing Grid Entries to learn how to either make a new Entry or edit an existing Entry.
  2. Scroll to “Production/Project/Activity.”
    1. If you don’t have anything written, type the name of the production, project, or activity.
  3. Click after the typed title so that your curser is at the end.
  4. Hold down Shift on your keyboard while you press 8 on your keyboard to add the asterisk.
  5. Once added, make any other changes or add any additional information you’d like. Then at the very end of the form, click Submit or Update.
After Adding 1+ Asterisk

Once you have added one or more asterisks to your Mapping the Legacy, send us a help request. We will add a note to the top of your Mapping the Legacy Grid explaining what an asterisk indicates so your audience knows it has a special meaning!

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