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Introduction to Highlights

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If the Mapping the Legacy Grid is a roadmap of your career, Highlights are stops along the way with more in-depth details and experiences of specific Grid entries. You can also use Highlights to impart advice to young professionals and talk about experiences that are not tied to specific Grid entries.

What makes Highlights different? This depth is what sets Highlights apart from Mapping the Legacy Grid Entries and Look/Listen material. All might have media and anecdotes. However, when a visitor comes to your site, they’ll see countless Grid entries. They can get a snapshot of your legacy in Look/Listen and your seminal experiences in Highlights. They can then get the nitty-gritty of your journey in your individual Grid entries.

Helpful Tip: You will see the words “blog,” “post,” and “Highlight” as we move forward. They are all interchangeable and mean the same thing. They’re all in reference to the part of the site where we dive into some specific, seminal moments of your legacy.

Below is a quick intro to Highlights:

»Creating and Editing a Highlight

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