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Mapping the Legacy & Consistency

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As you’re working through your Mapping the Legacy Entries, creating new ones and editing old ones, consistency is an important aspect to keep in mind.

As you’ll see, some Mapping the Legacy information options in the form can be broad. It’s what you make of each item in the form that’s significant.

For example, as you’re filling out the form you’ll find “Name of Theatre / Venue / Vehicle.” For you, does that mean the physical theater/venue/vehicle that your project took place in or does it mean the theater company? If you want it to be the theater company, perhaps you use “ About the Theatre / Venue / Vehicle” to list the physical theater. The key here is to keep it the same across your entries. If you want it to mean the theater company, let it mean theater company for each entry rather than in some meaning company and in others meaning the physical theater. This will help keep you organized and help your audience better keep track of your work.

Helpful Tip: Write down your “rules.”  Whatever you want these information options to mean, keep it on a piece of paper or Post-It  note near your computer. This way you can easily refer to your “rules” as you add entries.

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