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Building and Editing the Grid Structure

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Now that you’re organized, you can begin adding content to your grid!

Helpful Tip: Some professionals have found it helpful to start by working with a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can be a useful roadmap or reference. If you’d like, you can:

This document has multiple pages, each of which uses an alternate organizing scheme to help you document career milestones. Using the spreadsheet may be an easier way for some to get organized prior to, or even in lieu of, creating their own website and publishing a Legacy grid using the entry system. Please note: This step is optional.

To learn how to start adding entries, visit Adding and Editing Grid Entries.

Customizing the Grid Columns

Your submitted entries will automatically appear in a table on the Mapping the Legacy page. Entries are searchable, and the columns of the table can be sorted by clicking on the header (e.g., click “Decade” to view entries in chronological or reverse chronological order). You may wish to change or customize the fields that appear as column headers, or the wording that is used for them.

Click the heading below for more on the topic.

Edit the Grid Structure
  1. Hover over “Mapping the Legacy” on the black bar on your site.
  2. Move your mouse down over “Edit Grid” and click.
  3. Scroll down slightly until you see “View Configuration.”  Click the “Multiple Entries” tab if it is not already selected. You will know it’s selected when the “Multiple Entries” box is white (rather than grey).
  4. Scroll down until you see “Entries Fields” — it should look like this:
  5. To remove a column heading: click the grey “X” on the right.
    1. Important Note: Deleting column headings does not delete the corresponding information in the individual entries. It only changes what we see on the Grid. You can add or change the Grid Structure at any time.
  6. To reorder columns: click (and hold down) the column heading you’d like reorder while you drag the bar up or down. Drop, or let go of the mouse, when it’s in the position you want.
  7. To add a column heading: Click “Add Field” at the bottom.
  8. To customize a column heading: click the blue icon next to each heading.
    1. For more advanced users, here is some additional documentation and a video tutorial on using these tools.
    2. Important Note: customizing the heading does not change the corresponding heading in the entry form. If you choose to customize a heading, make sure to keep track of the original heading. (ex. You can change “Medium / Genre” to “Art Form” in the Grid columns, but when you add or edit entries, it will still read “Medium / Genre.”)
  9. If you make an error and want to revert your changes, simply refresh the page. Your changes will not be saved until you click “Update” at the top of the Edit Grid page.
  10. When you are done editing, scroll to the top of the Edit Grid page and click the blue “Update” button.

Here’s a 5-minute video tutorial showing how to edit your Grid:

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