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Creating an Image Gallery

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When editing pages or highlights/posts on your site, you may wish to present multiple images in a gallery. There are user-friendly tools for setting up an image gallery in either the front-end editor or the back-end editor (“dashboard”):


Use the front-end editing tools that appear centered along the bottom of your screen when viewing your site. Click “+” to add a component, select the gallery icon (which looks like a stack of images or cards), and drag it onto the page where you wish to position your gallery. A panel will appear on the right-hand side of the screen to configure your gallery options. You’ll be prompted to select a gallery, or if you prefer, click “Create Gallery” to add a new one. Once images are selected, they can be rearranged or removed, and you may add new images at any time. Choose a gallery template (feel free to experiment, this can be changed later!) and your preferred options in terms of width and alignment. Here’s a 4-minute video tutorial:


When editing, click the “Add Media” button as you would to place a single image in your post or page, but select “Create a Gallery” in the top-left corner. You may select any number of images to include in your gallery, and click the blue “Create a New Gallery” button in the bottom-right corner to confirm. Next, you’ll be able to select a layout option for your gallery such as square or circular tiles (“thumbnails”) or a staggered mosaic grid. Here’s a short tutorial:

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