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The Media Library is where your digital memorabilia will live for your About Page, Mapping the Legacy, Highlights, Oral Histories, and Video.  You will upload media to your Media Library from your computer or USB Drive in order to put it onto your site.

Helpful Tip: You can upload a file to the Media Library that is maximum 98 MB. For an audio file, this should be about an hour or less of edited footage.

Click the headings below for more on the topic.

Accessing, Navigating, and Managing Your Media Library

To access your Media Library, click on “Media Library” on the top most bar on your site. It’ll look like:

Below is a 4 minute tutorial on navigating the Media Library:

Once you are finished in the Media Library, click your name on the top most bar. It’ll look like:

Please Note: You can also add your media as you go when you add images, audio, documents, etc. via the Front End. Take a look at the articles specific to the media you would like to add to learn how to access the Media Library in this way.

Google Drive & The Media Library

To add media to The About Page, Mapping the Legacy, Highlights, and Look/Listen, you can directly upload your scanned and saved items to your Media Library using Google Drive.

Important Note: If you registered your site before September 2020, you may not have this feature. To add it, please submit a help request.

Below is a 5 minute video tutorial on importing media from your Google Drive:

A Note on Captions and Credits

For more on captions and credits, please visit this link to the appropriate article.

Below is a 2:30 minute tutorial on captions and credits:

«Using Google Drive
»Captions and Credits

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