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Please take care to credit the source of any quotes or media published on your site, including authors, photographers, and sponsoring institutions.

Note the difference between clearing rights, credits, and captions:

Clearing Rights: You will need to clear the rights to use the media (mainly photos, videos, and audio) to keep on your site.

Credits: You will give acknowledgement to the person who created the art/media.

Captions: Can describe the where, who, what, etc. within the media you’d like to include.

Who created the media may not be who owns the rights to the media. For example, if a theater had production photos taken, they will likely hold the rights, and therefore, you will need to clear the rights with them. However, the photographer who took the photo should get a “Photo by _____” credit with the embedded photo.

For more information on the Media Library, where you can readily put in media credit and captions, visit this link.

Helpful Tip: Links and embedded images from Playbill should be accompanied by the following notice: Playbill Images used by Permission. All rights reserved, Playbill Inc. Playbill has been kind enough to waive permissions for this site.

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