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Because the Performing Arts Legacy Project is intended to serve primarily older professionals, we recognize that the accessibility of this site is paramount, and that some of our visitors may be using adaptive web browsers or screen readers, or may be particularly sensitive to design elements like type size and contrast.

We have made a great effort to ensure that the site complies with WCAG 2.0 AA  guidelines, and will continue to scan, monitor, and improve the site over time.

Click the headings below for more on the topic.

Change the Size of Text

On a Mac: Hold down the Command button on your keyboard as you click the + (to magnify) or – (to reduce) on your keyboard.

On a PC: Hold down the Control button on your keyboard as you click the + (to magnify) or – (to reduce) on your keyboard.

Screen Reader

If having content read aloud would better serve you, please download Screen Reader, a free app made by Google, that will be added to your Google Chrome browser.

To download, click here.


For Android Devices, you can use Live Transcribe (free).

For instructions and how-tos: click here.

For Apple Devices, you can use Live Transcribe (free).

To download: click here.

Important Note: These services are for transcribing, not captioning. They might be best used when you’re doing anecdotes and Highlights/blogs.


If you are watching a clip on YouTube or Vimeo, if captions are offered, you will find “cc” on the opposite side of where play/pause will be on your video.

Additional Aid

If you have a concern or a problem using the site, please submit a help request to alert us.

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