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You can add audio and video to enhance specific Highlights or the Look/Listen page! (To see an example of short audio used to enhance a Highlight, click here.) You can do so through linking to specific media, creating audio blogs, and/or by adding the media directly into the Highlight or Look/Listen page.

Click the headings below for more on the topic.

Linking to Audio & Video

One way to added audio or video is to link to a reputable website that has the media. This method is especially helpful since, by current copyright laws, you wouldn’t need to clear the rights.

To instructions on how to link to a Highlight or Look/Listen: click here.

Audio Blogs

You can also create audio blogs. Pick a subject matter for your blog- maybe it’s a specific story that is better told than written, a series of lessons you’ve learned or advice on your craft – the Oral History is meant to cover your career path, whereas audio blogs should be shorter, more specific pieces of info.

  • Set a timer, aiming between 3-10 minutes for your audio blog
  • Be candid, but stay on subject – this means less editing later
  • When recording on your phone or tablet, turn the phone onto airplane mode or do not disturb (available in settings or, on an iPhone, in the pull up menu with the airplane icon) – this will prevent you from getting phone calls or text messages during the recording, which can both make extra sound and be distracting
  • Write a script for structure or index cards to refer back to and help you stay on track

To add an audio blog to a Highlight or Look/Listen:

Click here for the article on adding Oral Histories (audio) to your site.

Embedding Audio & Video

Another way to add audio and video is to embed it directly into your site, which would need you to clear the rights. To do so, you’d follow the same methods as putting your Oral History and Curated Life Review into the Look/Listen Page. The only difference is that you will want to be in the Highlight you’re working on rather than the Look/Listen Page!

Click here for the article on adding Oral Histories (audio) to your site.

Click here for the article on adding your Curated Life Review (video) to your site.

Helpful Tip: You can upload a file to the Media Library that is maximum 98 MB. For an audio file, this should be about an hour of edited footage.

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