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How to Create a Video: Curated Life Review

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The Curated Life Review can take many forms. For inspiration and guidance, please see the following resources:

Helpful Tip: There is no “right” way to create a Curated Life Review video. Make it yours! Also note, your Curated Life Review might also be called a Portrait, a Snapshot, Memories, etc. depending on what you envision.

For some aesthetic, technical, and practical suggestions and resources for conducting a Curated Life Review, click the headings below for more on the topic.

Where to Start

Working with video can be tricky if you have little or no prior experience. However, if you want to learn and tackle this project as a first-time filmmaker, there are many resources and tools that can help you to develop a short video:

  1. Your computer may have a built-in camera, and free software like iMovie allows you to “capture” a video of yourself. For a quick tutorial on iMovie, click here. You can also use a smartphone or tablet to record a first-person video. Be sure to stabilize your device and record in a quiet environment, with appropriate lighting and a backdrop free of clutter. If you use a smartphone or tablet, you can transfer it to a computer and editing software.
  2. You can also create a simple slideshow using iMovie, Photos, or even free online applications such as Adobe Spark. Then record your audio voiceover narration with your phone or computer (search your device’s app store for “free voice recorder”), or create captions or title slides to provide descriptive text in your video.
  3. Click the below headings to learn technical tips and how to’s in creating, backing up, and editing a video on different devices.
Working with a Filmmaker

You may also wish to enlist support from a collaborator. If you do not have a colleague, friend or assistant supporting your PAL work, you may consider reaching out to peers for a recommendation, connecting with a local art or communications program at a University, or posting a classified ad online. Working on a Curated Life Review video project is a valuable experience for film students, and partnering with a student or an experienced filmmaker will allow you to focus on the content of the video rather than the technicalities.

Recording with an Android Tablet

The video below demonstrates recording with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 ” tablet.

Recording with an Apple Product
  • Click on this link to learn how to record video with your iPhone.
  • Click on this link to learn how to record video with your iPad.
  • Click on this link to learn how to record video with your iMac.
Recording with Zoom

If you would like to collaborate with someone on your Curated Life Review but cannot meet with them in person, you can use Zoom or a similar program. For a tutorial on using Zoom (as well as iMovie), see below.

Back Up Your Footage on an Android Tablet

The video below demonstrates backing up with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7″ tablet.

Backing Up Your Footage on an Apple product

Click on this link to learn how to back up your footage from your iPad. The process should be the same with an iPhone.

Transferring Your Footage on an Apple product

Click on this link to learn how to transfer your footage from your Apple device and save to your computer and/or USB drive.

Editing Your Footage on an Android Tablet

After reviewing several editing apps for Android tablets, we found WeVideo to provide a happy medium of flexibility and ease of use. The app allows users to stitch together video, audio, and still image content with titles to create a cohesive short film, without requiring advanced technical skills or familiarity with professional video editing software.

As you begin to collect images and video clips, use the native “camera” app on the tablet. WeVideo will be able to access these files later on and import them into a video editing project.

WeVideo has a fantastic “Academy” with short tutorial videos that cover a range of topics. Check out Record Better Video in 3 Easy Steps and Create a Digital Story, among others:

Editing Your Footage with iMovie

iMovie is a software that comes free and already installed on Apple devices.

Additional Editing Software

Website: click here

Cost: Free for videos under 6 MB

Notes: They also offer converting video files

Wondershare Uniconverter

Download: visit their website

Cost: Free, some features have a cost

Notes: Wondershare Uniconverter has Youtube channel with a plethora of tutorials you might find useful.

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