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If the Grid is a roadmap of your career, we envision the Highlights as stops along the way with more in-depth details and experiences. You can also use this system to maintain a journal or blog about your life and career, to impart advice to young performers, and more. To begin, while on your site’s home page, click HIGHLIGHTS on the red bar at the top.

Front End: Click the “Add Post” button (it looks like a small sheet of paper with a + sign over it in the gray toolbar at the bottom of the screen), give your post a title, and start writing your own content. Follow the instructions provided in Adding/Editing Page & Post Content. Be sure to SAVE your progress, then click PUBLISH — unless you publish, it will be saved as a draft.

Once you have published a post, you can modify its content by clicking the pen icon, or change its settings by clicking the icon that looks like a wrench and screwdriver – here, you can change the post’s status, link, categories and tags, and post date. Watch a short video tutorial on creating and editing Highlights/Posts from the front end of your site: Part 1 (creating & editing) / Part 2 (settings & categories).

Dashboard: Click “New > Post” from the gray bar at the top of the site, or from the Dashboard click Posts > Add New. Observe the same guidelines as a Page.

If you want your Highlights to appear in chronological order, back-date the post to reflect the date of the events you are describing. You can change the post date in the front end editor under Post Settings, or in the dashboard by clicking the “edit date” link in the Publish tab in the top right corner.

Once you have created a Highlight, you can link to it from the corresponding entry in your Grid. From the Grid, select an entry and click the Edit Entry link. In the “Highlight Link” field, select the post from the dropdown menu. This will create a connection between the entry and the Highlight, which will feature prominently on the Mapping the Legacy Grid page.

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