Oral History

Recognition and choosing between roles

Arian – OH 1 – 22:07 “Had a dream one night…” – 26:58 “…they knew to call me so I got in.”

Michael Arian discusses being offered a role in Broadway show, Hair, but being conflicted because he was already working in a show at La MaMa; the decisions he made and the aftermath of that choice.


Arian – OH 2 – 7:48 “I was brought to see a show at La MaMa…” – 12:23 “…inventing this whole thing.”

Michael Arian discusses the importance for actors of knowing, or being introduced to, the right people. He also cites an incident where his relationship with Ellen Stewart enhanced his career.

NYC theatre and arts in the sixties: the alternatives

Arian – OH 3 – 5:15 “In the beginning of my second year…” – 7:47 “…and the real experimental theatre movement.”

Michael Arian discusses the genesis of the Off-Off Broadway and Experimental Theatre movement that he was fortunate enough to experience.