Playbil from an on-campus production

Newspaper coverage (1971)

“The black scene in prose, poetry and song was presented by the internationally known artist Vinnie[sic] Burrows at Lorain County Community College on Wednesday Evening, October 27, at 8 p.m. in the College Center Building for the College Community and the public. ‘Walk Together Children,’ the title of this one woman show depicting varying aspects of black heritage and presence, was sponsored by the Black Progressives at LCCC…

In November 1969, Miss Burrows opened as the sole star and performer in ‘Walk Together Children’ at the Greenwich Mews Theater in New York City and received instant critical acclaim.

In the spring of 1969 Vinnie[sic] Burrows was invited to perform in Algiers for the First Pan African Cultural Festival. She also toured European cities appearing on television and in concert.

The success of her fall European tour encouraged her to take ‘Walk Together Children’ to twenty-eight cities in Europe during 1970. Some 50,000 European college youths saw her performances.

The black scene in prose, poetry and song has been released on two records by Spoken Arts, Inc.”

(Newspaper coverage from October 1971, unknown news source from Ohio)