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Linking vs. Embedding

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An important difference to understand as you’re getting started, conceptualizing your site, and seeing what memorabilia you have is to know what Linking and Embedding are. These are two ways that your audience can interact with the media on your site. They can 1) click on a link that brings them to a reputable site with the media on it you’d like to show them or 2) they see the media directly on your site.

What does this look like?

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What does Linking look like?

Below is what a link would look like:

My program for this show can be found on Playbill.

When you click on the blue, underlined text, it will bring you to the reputable site.

Please Note: As of current copyright laws, you do not need to clear the rights for the media on a reputable linked site.

What does Embedding look like?

Below is what an embedded image would look like:

Photo by Jac Ford

Please Note: Due to copyright laws, you will need to clear the rights to use the image.

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