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Mapping the Legacy: Chapters

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One way to customize the story you’re telling from the beginning is to conceptualize your Mapping the Legacy Grid by adding Chapters.  Chapters can help you organize your career grid. They can be the stepping stones in your legacy, the media you have worked in, the types of places you have worked, different phases in your career.

One trick in conceptualizing your Grid through Chapters is to look at what you’ve done, regardless of medium (i.e. TV, Film, Visual Arts, Theater, Dance), and look for overall themes or patterns across projects. The following Professionals did just that and you can see how different and customized their Grids, and stories, are.

Please Note: The above Grids are in chronological order. If you would like your Grid by chapter and not by year, order your Grid columns.  To learn how to, click here and go to the section marked, “How To: Specify the Order of Entries.” To few the above Grids as if they are sorted by chapter first (rather than year), click the arrows to the right of “Chapter/Subheading.” It’ll look like this:

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